Bachelor’s Degree Programme(BSCG)– INSECT VECTORS AND VECTOR BORNE DISEASES Answer | BZYET-143(Q-2)

Bachelor’s Degree Programme(BSCG)– INSECT VECTORS AND VECTOR BORNE DISEASES Answer | BZYET-143(Q-2)

2. Write short notes on the following:
i) Mouthpart modifications in insects
ii) Types of antennae in insects
iii) Typical structure of insect wing
iv) Leg modification in insects


(i) Labruma cover that may be loosely referred to as the upper lip.
Mandibleshard, powerful cutting jaws.
Maxillae‘pincers’ which are less powerful than the mandibles. They are used to steady and manipulate the food. They have a five-segmented palp which is sensory and often concerned with taste.
Labiumthe lower cover, often referred to as the lower lip. It actually represents the fused pair of ancestral second maxillae. They have a three-segmented palp which is also sensory.
Hypopharynxa tongue-like structure in the floor of the mouth. The salivary glands discharge saliva through it.

(ii) Filiform = thread-like
Moniliform = beaded
Serrate = sawtoothed
Setaceous = bristle-like
Lamellate = nested plates
Pectinate = comb-like
Plumose = long hairs
Clavate = gradually clubbed
Capitate = abruptly clubbed
Aristate = pouch-like with one lateral bristle

(iii) Each of the wings consists of a thin membrane supported by a system of veins. The membrane is formed by two layers of integument closely apposed, while the veins are formed where the two layers remain separate; sometimes the lower cuticle is thicker and more heavily sclerotized under a vein. Within each of the major veins there is a nerve and a trachea, and, since the cavities of the veins are connected with the hemocoel, hemolymph can flow into the wings.

(iv) Modification of Insect’s legs

Ambulatorial (Walking Legs),
– Cursorial (Running leg),
– Saltatorial (Jumping leg),
– Scansorial (Clining leg),
– Fossorial (Digging leg),
– Raptorial (Grasping leg),
– Natatorial (Swimming leg),
– Sticking leg,
– Basket-like leg,
– Foragial leg

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