Psychology ( the Japanese cube)

Psychology ( the Japanese cube)

Imagine you are in a desert and come across a cube…

•How large is it?

•What is it made of?

•Where exactly is it in the desert?

•It is buried under sand or sitting on top?

•Is it floating in the air? Is it moving?

Upon observing the cube, you see a ladder…

•What material is it made from?

•How tall is it?

•Where is it in relation to the cube?

Now picture a horse…

•How far is it from the cube?

•What is it doing?

•Which way is it moving?

•What does it look like?

•Is the horse tied up or roaming free?

•Is it wearing a saddle?

Next, picture a flower…

•Where is it in comparison to the cube?

•How many do you see?

Then, a thunderstorm begins…

•Is it big or small?

•Violent or calm?

•What is the distance between the storm and the cube?

•Does the storm affect the ladder, horse, or cube?


The cube represents yourself!

If it’s large, you’re most likely a confident person. You could be a good leader as well; if small, you’re a shy, modest person. You are quiet and dislike being noticed at social events.  If  it’s buried in the ground, it means you enjoy organizing things and thinking ahead; if it’s standing on the ground, you’re a practical person who knows yourself well and what you want from life. If it’s moving, you think outside the box and are not always ready to agree with categorization and stereotypes . If it’s hanging in the air, it indicates an artistic persona with great creativity. If it’s solid, you’re a fully-formed individual who is hard to manipulate; if not solid, then your inner world and attitude on life is still forming into their correct shape.

The ladder is your family and friends!

If it touches the cube, then you are close to your family/friends and solve problems with their assistance; if it’s detached from the cube, it indicates you are more self-assured. If underneath the cube, your friends see you as a leader and authoritative figure. If the ladder is on the same plane as the cube, you and your family/friends are equals. If the ladder is above the cube, you see your friends as the authoritative ones in your life. If the ladder is short, you like having a small group of friends; if it’s tall, you’re extroverted and keep several friends and acquaintances

The horse is a symbol of your ideal partner!

If it’s a sturdy working horse, then you want a dependable partner who you can rely on; if you visualized a pegasus/unicorn, you’re dreaming about someone you’ll never have or a celebrity. If it’s tied up, it indicates a need to be controlling in a relationship. If it has a saddle, then you feel safe with them; if not, you view your partner as uncontrollable and unpredictable. If it’s distant from the cube/moving in the opposite direction, then you are feeling distant from your current partner/far away from reaching your ideal one.

Flowers signify your children!

The amount of flowers signifies how many children you want to have. If near the cube, it shows you wish for a close relationship with your children; if away from the cube, you don’t particularly care about the distance between you and your children. The thunderstorm reveals your fears!  If it’s off in the distance, you are living life with little worry.  If it’s near, then you are ready to face what lies ahead. If directly above, you feel as though your troubles are currently overwhelming you.

MysteriousPerson Answered question May 12, 2022

It isn’t correct all the time and from my preference these things can’t tell a person’s personality or what kind of person it is.

MysteriousPerson Answered question May 12, 2022